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Strengths and Weaknesses of Social Contract Theory Research Paper

Qualities and Weaknesses of Social Contract Theory - Research Paper Example This paper tells that the implicit understanding is viewed as an understanding between the state and those exposed to it, over their obligations towards each other and how these obligations are probably going to be completed. It is through the faith in this agreement that numerous states today have come to be shaped, and this predominantly through the advancement of constitutions. The implicit agreement hypothesis perceives that people have their own regular rights some of which they give up to their legislatures so the last can secure their residual rights. This paper looks to show that while the implicit agreement hypothesis has numerous qualities, it additionally has different shortcomings, the two of which will be tended to. The implicit agreement hypothesis is one which endeavors to carry request to the general public through the acknowledgment of the rights and obligations of people and states towards one another. This acknowledgment takes into consideration the advancement of a constitution which helps in the plan of laws the secure the privileges of people while simultaneously making it workable for individuals inside the general public to perceive their obligations not exclusively to the state yet in addition towards each other. It is through this acknowledgment that it gets feasible for the administration to authorize its power over the general public inside its region and this encourages it to ensure the people living inside it. This hypothesis can be viewed as a rule for governments on how they can deal with their obligations towards their kin, for instance, the arrangement of security just as guaranteeing that their kin can practice their opportunities with no bias. It likewise perceives that there are sure circumstances where individual rights must be set aside to benefit society particularly in circumstances where people are required to pay burdens so as to assist the administration with fulfilling its commitments.

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Mary Tallmountian Essay Example

Mary Tallmountian Essay How does the mouth bid farewell to the heart? Mary Tallmountian writes in her sonnet, There Is No Word For Goodbye about how the Athabaskan individuals can do nothing of the sort. In what manner can one individual state such an expression as there is no word for farewell? Obviously there will be, there are several different ways to bid farewell in a wide range of dialects. For instance; bye, bye-bye, so long, chao, harmony out, dont let the entryway hit you where the great ruler split you, and other insane platitudes like the last couple. The overall population could never reconsider, and besides not even once about bidding farewell to somebody and thinking what that truly implies. Be that as it may, the Athabaskan individuals along the Yukon River in Alaska have pondered what farewell means and they have reached the resolution that farewell is implies until the end of time. By expressing that there is no word for farewell Tallmountian says that we will consistently observe each othe r again at some point here on this Earth, we are genuinely never separated, and even in death that we never leave one another. Farewell is a definitive completion. When two old buddies express bye to one another after school does that imply that they will never observe each other again or not to mention ever talk by means of email or the telephone or what about even in a letter? Obviously not, they will probley see each other later in the day or week to head out to some gathering together hoping to get ladies and make some great memories. Consider the possibility that by some explanation that these two gentalmen never had the opportunity to see each other or converse with one another again. Was that farewell last? We will compose a custom article test on Mary Tallmountian explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom paper test on Mary Tallmountian explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom paper test on Mary Tallmountian explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer In, There Is No Word For Goodbye, by Mary Tallmountian, lines one through four, she depicts about Sokoya glancing through the net of wrinkles into the shrewd dark pools of the her aunties eyes. To see an element so unmistakable as that one could always remember those eyes. Tallmountian is stating that regardless of whether Sokoya and her auntie never observe each other again that Sokoya will consistently rember her by those eyes. That picture of the eyes will consistently be with Sokoya, in this way, never genuinely being ceaselessly from her auntie. The two youngsters from prior have gotten back together and are presently leaving the gathering which they have been drinking at and are in no shape to drive, however unfortunatly, they despite everything do. In transit home the driver runs a stop sign and hits another vehicle executing his companion with him in the truck, yet the companion driving, leaves. At the memorial service he neals down before the coffin and tells his companion farewell indeed. Is farewell now a definitive end since death is included? Tallmountain says no that it isn't the end. We generally think youre returning, however in the event that you dont, well observe you somewhere else (Tallmountian, 24-26). Here Sokoyas auntie reveals to Sokoya that even in death we will see you in that somewhere else. That somewhere else could mean paradise or damnation or what ever the Athabaskan individuals have confidence in for what comes in the afterlife. In this way, Tallmountian discusses passing as not a definitive closure for an individual, however as simply one more advance in a more drawn out excursion. Tallmountian brings up a very intresting issue, when does your mouth bid farewell to your heart? Tallmountian tells that we never really bid farewell not when two individuals are seperated for a period of time or even in death. She says that we are in every case together regardless of what since individuals never leave our hearts. Perhaps we should join what the Athabaskan individuals state rather than farewell. They state, tlaa which generally implies see you. What an incredible method to think. What else do we say to one another without speculation about what those words mean?

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B?nking Job Guid? D?finiti?n, R?l??, Tasks, and H?w to Ent?r into this Lu?r?tiv? C?r??r

B?nking Job Guid? D?finiti?n, R?l??, Tasks, and H?w to Ent?r into this Lu?r?tiv? C?r??r Now i? a great tim? t? pursue a career in the b?nking ?nd financial indu?tri??. Th? ???n?m? is b?un?ing b??k ?nd th??? industries ?r? r???v?ring fr?m a diffi?ult ?tr?t?h.There ?r? so many ??r??r ??th?, it’? diffi?ult t? profile them ?ll in ?n? place!Whether ??u h?v? ?n Associate’s degree, B??h?l?r’? ?r M??t?r’? … ??u ??n find ????rtuniti?? ?t a b?nk or in fin?n??.The following article ?r?vid?? im??rt?nt information ?b?ut a career in b?nking.Y?u will learn wh?t th? diff?r?nt types ?f jobs in b?nking ?r?, wh?r? th??? ?r?f???i?n?l? w?rk, their j?b duti??, how to become various types ?f b?nking ?r?f???i?n?l?, and more.BUT FIRST ?FF, WH? ARE BANKERS?B? d?finiti?n: a b?nk?r is an individu?l who is ?ng?g?d in the bu?in??? ?f banking.In 1899, the United St?t?? Su?r?m? Court (Austen) u??d th??? words:A b?nk?r is a tr?d?r who bu?? money, ?r m?n?? ?nd d?bt?, b? ?r??ting ?th?r debts, whi?h h? d??? with hi? credit exchanging f?r a d?bt ????bl? in th? futur? one ????bl? ?n d?m?nd.Th? f ir?t bu?in??? ?f a b?nk?r i? n?t to lend money to ?th?r?, but t? collect money fr?m ?th?r?.A banker (i?) a d??l?r in capital, or, more ?r???rl?, a d??l?r in m?n??. H? i? ?n intermediate ??rt? b?tw??n th? b?rr?w?r ?nd th? l?nd?r. H? b?rr?w? of ?n? party ?nd l?nd? t? ?n?th?r.A b?nk?r is ?n ?m?l???? ?f a b?nk or fin?n?i?l institution wh? services th? fin?n?i?l n??d? ?f clients. B?nk?r? are essentially mediators f?r investors ?nd f?r people wh? want t? ??ll th?ir inv??tm?nt?.Wh?n a b?nk?r accepts funds from a ?u?t?m?r, the m?n?? is invested in v?ri?u? d?bt ?nd ??uit? inv??tm?nt? with a ??rt?in ?i?ld. B?nk?r? ?l?? are r????n?ibl? f?r ?h??king what th? ?r?dit risk i? for customers wh? are trying t? g?t a l??n.B?nk?r? ?l?? ?r? in ?h?rg? ?f ??t?bli?hing g??d r?l?ti?n?hi?? with ?u?t?m?r?, ?nd f?r planning and delivering ??l?? ?tr?t?gi?? in banking investments.B?nk?r? ?l?? a v?r? important r?l? in th? ???n?m? b???u?? ????l? use b?nk? t? deposit money ?nd t? ??t?bli?h a financial r???rd ?nd cr edit over time. It w?uld t?k? ?ft?n ???r? ?r decades f?r th? t??i??l ??r??n t? ??v? enough m?n?? t? buy a h?m? ?r a car, ?r to ?t?rt a bu?in???.B?nk? ?r?vid? consumers ?nd bu?in????? with loans so th?t business can be ??ndu?t?d. Thi? h?l?? b?th th? individu?l, th? ??m??n? and also h?l?? to ?ir?ul?t? m?n?? in th? ?ntir? ???n?m?.N?t? th?t the ??tiviti?? ?f b?nk?r? will vary depending ?n if th?? are working r?t?il, ??mm?r?i?l ?r ??r??r?t? b?nking.A ??mm?n type of b?nk?r i? ?n inv??tm?nt b?nk?r, who ??nn??t? bu?in????? that ?r? in need of m?n?? t? fin?n?? their bu?in??? or ?l?n? t? ?x??nd, with ??t?nti?l inv??t?r? wh? w?nt t? ?r?vid? funding for a r?t? ?f r?turn.Thi? process i? kn?wn ?? underwriting, whi?h i? th? major ?ur???? ?f the t??i??l investment b?nk.Here is a ?im?li?ti? example of h?w a b?nk h?ndl?? that n??dJ?hn i? l??king to ??f?gu?rd his m?n?? b? d????iting it ?t a b?nk. Th? bank ?gr??? to ??? John an interest rate of 1% for th? use of J?hn’? d????it?d money.M?r?, wh? i? l? ?king to bu? a house, comes t? the b?nk looking t? b?rr?w m?n?? for th? ?ur?h??? of th? house.Thr?ugh ?n ???li??ti?n ?r????? wh?r? the bank analyzes M?r?’? income ?nd ?r?dit score, th? b?nk l??n? her the money (fr?m John’s d????it as w?ll ?? ?th?r?) ?nd charges M?r? 6% int?r??t f?r th? lif? ?f th? l??n.Th? bank th?n t?k?? the d????it?d capital and l?nd? it out to Mary ?? a l??n to bu? a house (known as a m?rtg?g?).Th? b?nk m?k?? their m?n?? ?n th? diff?r?n?? between wh?t they ??? depositors and wh?t th?? lend t? b?rr?w?r?. L?t’? ??? d????it?r? g?t 1% fr?m th? b?nk for their ????t? ?nd th? b?nk l??n? ?ut these d????it? as m?rtg?g?? ?t 6%.The diff?r?nce b?tw??n these two r?t??, th? n?t interest margin, is 5%.On a $300,000 loan, that ??u?l? $15,000 in interest ??r year. Thi? i? the ?r?fit ?n the l??n f?r the b?nk ??r year, ???uming th? bank k??t th? l??n on their books. Mortgage l??n? are t??i??ll? 30 ???r? in length ?? this i? ?uit? ?r?fit?bl? f?r the b?nk.DUTIES OF A BANKERB?nk ?r? usually d? ??m? ?r all ?f these duti??:Help b?nk ?u?t?m?r? t? r???h their fin?n?i?l goals thr?ugh th? use ?f th? bank’s products ?nd ??rvi???.Safeguard ?u?t?m?r ????t? ?nd create ???itiv? ???h fl?w thr?ugh the i??uing of loans.Provide initial public ?ff?ring? as well as m?rg?r? ?nd ???ui?iti?n?.Ob?? F?d?r?l R???rv? guid?lin?? t? ensure that ?u?t?m?r? are able t? ?????? fund? without delay ?r int?rru?ti?nS?ll v?ri?u? fin?n?i?l ?r?du?t? and investments t? customersM??t with ??r??r?t? ?r ??r??n?l ?li?nt?, ?nd li?t?n to th?ir needs and g??l?M?? ?u??rvi?? l??n ?ffi??r? and fin?n?i?l ?ffi??r?WH?T ?R? THE DIFF?R?NT TYPES ?F B?NK?R??P?r??n?l B?nk?r?Personal bankers w?rk in r?t?il b?nking br?n?h?? ?nd assist customers with v?ri?u? n??d?, such ?? ???ning checking and ??ving? accounts; ?bt?ining mortgage and ?ut? l??n?; inv??ting in ??rtifi??t?? ?f d????it (CD?), money markets ?nd ?th?r commercial b?nking ?r?du?t?; and ?l?nning f?r r?tir?m?nt or ??ll?g?.Whil? inv??tm?nt b?nk?r? work m??t l? with in?tituti?n?l investors, ??r??n?l b?nk?r? w?rk ?rim?ril? with ?v?r?d?? ????l?.In ?th?r w?rd?, Personal b?nk?r? are the individuals r????n?ibl? f?r managing and overseeing th? fin?n??? in a clients ??r??n?l b?nk ????unt. Whil? d???nd?nt ?n th? duties of th? b?nk?r, m?n? in this fi?ld ?r? expected to h?v? a bachelors d?gr?? in finance.M??t bank br?n?h ?ffi??? h?v? a ‘personal b?nk?r’ (or r?t?il banker) in?id? th?t ??n h?ndl? th? n??d? of individuals ?ut?id? of b??i? t?ll?r, ?h??king ?nd ??ving? n??d?.F?r example, if ??u h?v? a l?rg? b?l?n?? ?itting in your ?h??king ?r ??ving? account, ??u may receive a ??ll fr?m ??m??n? fr?m the b?nk who will try ?nd offer different w??? t? h?ndl? that inv??tm?nt f?r you, maybe thr?ugh ?ur?h??? of certain b?nk ?r?du?t? lik? CD? ?r to ???n ?n investment ????unt for college savings ?r r?tir?m?nt.SkillsThe ability to forge ?nd maintain strong r?l?ti?n?hi?? within the ??mmunit? i? b? far th? m??t im??rt?nt ?kill for a ??r??n?l b?nk?r.Th? fin?n ?i?l ?r?du?t? themselves ?r? n?t ??rti?ul?rl? ??m?l?x and d? n?t r??uir? ?n MBA ?r preternatural math ?kill? t? und?r?t?nd.Thi? is not inv??tm?nt b?nking, where esoteric t?rm? such ?? interest rate ?w??, ?r?dit d?f?ult ?w?? ?nd ??ll?t?r?liz?d d?bt obligation ?ft?n come u? in client ??nv?r??ti?n?.M??t ??r??n?l b?nking ?r?du?t? ?r? straightforward, but th? ??r??n?l b?nk?r h?? t? make th? ?li?nt comfortable ?n?ugh t? w?nt to purchase them with him.Edu??ti?n?l r??uir?m?nt? v?r? fr?m b?nk to bank. Unlike l?w or m?di?in?, th? indu?tr? only requires a high ??h??l diploma.For th??? in ??ll?g? wh? ?r? ??n?id?ring ??r??n?l b?nking, a bu?in??? d?gr??, particularly with a ??n??ntr?ti?n in ???n?mi?? or fin?n??, is the way t? g?.P?? and H?ur?Personal b?nk?r? m?k? ??d??tri?n ??l?ri??, ??rti?ul?rl? ??m??r?d t? th?ir investment banking ??u?in?. Th? ?v?r?g? ???rl? b??? salary is $37,000, according t? Gl???d??r. Ev?r? b?nk? pay ?tru?tur? i? a little diff?r?nt, but ?lm??t ?ll offer a combination ?f bon uses ?nd ??mmi??i?n?.These extra in??ntiv?? m??n productive n?tw?rking ?nd ?li?nt ???r?h?? correlate dir??tl? t? a bankers ????h??k. A m?tiv?t?d ??r??n?l banker ??n make more than $50,000 in total ??m??n??ti?n hi? fir?t ???r, ?nd more th?n th?t after ??t?bli?hing a broad ?u?t?m?r b???.H?w?v?r, W?ll Streets ?ix-figur? in??m?? t??i??ll? elude personal b?nk?r?.Th? big ?dv?nt?g? personal bankers maintain ?v?r th? W?ll Str??t ?r?wd i? h?ur?. L??k ?t th? h?ur? ?f ???r?ti?n ???t?d on th? d??r ?t ?n? l???l bank.Th?? ?r? u?u?ll? pretty restrictive, such ?? 9 ?.m. t? 5 ?.m. during th? w??k. P???l? wh? w?nt t? make a d???nt living while prioritizing family tim? ?h?uld ??n?id?r a ??r??r in personal banking.Commercial B?nk?r?C?mm?r?i?l b?nk?r? ?r?vid? corporate ?li?nt? with credit ?r?du?t? ?u?h ?? t?rm loans, r?v?lving lin?? of ?r?dit, syndicated facilities, ???h management ??rvi???, ?nd ?th?r fix?d income ?r?du?t?.A? a credit ?n?l??t ?r ????unt m?n?g?r, you will d?liv?r fin?n?i?l ?dvi?? ?nd sol utions th?t ?r? tailored t? your ?li?nt?’ needs ?u?h ?? gr?wing th?ir bu?in???, bu?ing n?w ??ui?m?nt, funding working capital, ?nd d??-t?-d?? banking.Th? personality of ??m??n? who would thriv? in a ??mm?r?i?l b?nking career at a bank ?ft?n has th? f?ll?wing ?h?r??t?r tr?it?:AnalyticalInquisitiveFriendlySelf-motivatedF??u??dR?l?ti?n?hi?-?ri?nt?dWorking ?? a commercial b?nk?r, ??u ??n h?l? with a bank’s inv??tm?nt strategy ?nd h?l? ?r?vid? loans f?r ??ur l???l ??mmunit?, ?ll whil? ?till m?king a ??mf?rt?bl? ??l?r?.So here ?r? a f?w f??t? you ?h?uld know b?f?r? picking u? a career in ??mm?r?i?l banking?Y?u H?l? P???l?Alth?ugh loans and debt h?v? a bad r??ut?ti?n, banks provide m?n?? wh?n ????l? need it the m??t.   Banks turn a ?r?fit b? l?nding m?n?? ?ut t? applicants, ?nd r???iving interest on l??n payments.A? a l??n ?ffi??r (commercial b?nk?r), you w?uld w?rk with applicants ?nd clients t? ?????? th?ir financial n??d?, ?nd h?w th?? can b??t get th? money th?? need t? ?t?rt a bu? in??? ?r a bu? a h?u??.B? helping ????l? ???uir? money you’re h?l?ing them ?t?rt a n?w lif?, ?r h?l?ing th?m g?t back on their f??t.L??n? ?r?n’t the ?nl? thing you would w?rk with th?ugh.C?mm?r?i?l b?nk?r? can ?l?? h?l? customers set u? a v?ri?t? ?f ????unt? t? ??v? m?n??.Y?u might remember ??ur ??r?nt? f?r?ing ??u to ???n u? a ??ving? account ?t ??ur l???l b?nk.There are plenty ?f ?th?r types ?f ????unt? t??, ?u?h ?? brokerage, retirement, ?nd ?h??king accounts.B?nk? don’t ju?t ?t?r? your money, they ??n also help people ?l?n ?nd save.B? b?ing a ??mm?r?i?l b?nk?r, ??u help your ?li?nt? ?r???r? f?r th? futur?.T??hn?l?g? is Ch?nging EmploymentJust like ?n? m?d?rn industry, ??mm?r?i?l banking i?n’t immun? to th? l??? ?f j?b? thanks t? technology.Most banks n?w h?v? apps th?t h?l? ??u manage your account and that’s hurting job ?utl??k.Roughly 850,000 (30%) ?f ??mm?r?i?l b?nk?r? w?rk in local branches, ?nd ?h?ng?? in t??hn?l?g? w?r? ?x???t?d to r?m?v? around 150,000 ?f th??? j ?b?.Thi? i? h????ning n?ti?nwid? though, not ju?t with banking.Y?ur S?l?r? C?uld D?ubl? with Ex??ri?n??Alth?ugh your entry l?v?l salary is ?r?und th? national average f?r ?t?rting ??l?ri?? ?f ??ll?g? gr?du?t?? (both ?r?und $47,000) P??S??l? ?h?w? l?rg? ??l?r? jumps with experience within th? indu?tr?.A? ??u learn ?b?ut th? indu?tr? ?nd gain th? ?x??ri?n?? t? m?n?g? ?th?r employees, ??ur salary can jump by ?v?r 100%.Entr? ??intFr?m und?rgr?d (whi?h may be a B.C?m, B.A. or ?n?th?r d?gr??), you typically ?t?rt as a ?r?dit ?n?l??t and from an MBA ?r?gr?m, you typically start ?? an ????unt m?n?g?r.A credit ?n?l??t is t??k?d with ?n?l?zing a ?li?nt’? fin?n?i?l statements, competitive position, industry, and m?n?g?m?nt t??m.Th? ?r?dit ?n?l??t ?r???r?? an “application f?r ?r?dit” th?t will d?t?rmin? th? ?tru?tur? ?nd ?ri?ing ?f a financing r??u??t.An ????unt m?n?g?r is f??u??d ?n business development ?nd i? a m?r? client f??ing role.Your j?b i? t? find n?w ?li?nt? f?r th? b?nk ?nd mai ntain r?l?ti?n?hi?? with existing ones.Y?u will work closely with colleagues on th? ?r?dit ?id? to deliver r??ult? to ??ur clients.H?ur? ?r? t??i??ll? ?r? 8 am t? 6 ?m.Although hours ??n be l?ng?r based ?n th? urgency ?f a loan request.A l?t ?f people m?k? a ??r??r out of ??mm?r?i?l b?nking with a good w?rk-lif? b?l?n??.If you’re l??king to m?v? ?n ??u m?? m?v? int? ??r??r?t? b?nking (?imil?r to ??mm?r?i?l banking but with l?rg?r ?li?nt? who ?r? often ?ubli?), inv??tm?nt m?n?g?m?nt, ?r private l?nding.It’? ?lw??? an option to g? back t? school ?nd g?t ?n MBA degree ?r CFA ® ?r?d?nti?l.Inv??tm?nt B?nk?r?Wh?n it comes to ?x?iting careers, investment b?nking has g?t it ?ll: money, ?t?tu?, ??w?r, adrenaline and ri?k.Th? inv??tm?nt b?nk?r ??t? in a capital markets advisory capacity t? ??r??r?ti?n? and g?v?rnm?nt?, rather th?n d??ling directly with individu?l investors. Investment bankers h?l? th?ir clients raise money in th? ???it?l m?rk?t?, ?r?vid? various financial ?dvi??r? ??rvi?? ?, ?nd assist with m?rg?r? ?nd ???ui?iti?n ??tivit?.Thus, when th? capital markets ?r? doing w?ll, investment bankers t?nd to d? w?ll ?in?? they can g?n?r?t? more r?v?nu?? fr?m ?ll the ??tiviti?? that they und?rt?k?.In a w??, investment b?nk?r? are middl?-m?n ?in?? th?? don’t typically writ? th? ?h??k th?m??lv??; th?? l??n ?n th?ir n?tw?rk of investors they’ve ?ultiv?t?d r?l?ti?n?hi?? with f?r funding.Skill?Investment b?nking ??r??r? are id??ll? ?uit?d to people with ?ndl??? ?nthu?i??m, huge ambition, ?n unb??t?bl? work ?thi? ?nd th? ability t? h?ndl? immense ?r???ur?.Th? lifestyle, status and money ??n be fantastic, but in order t? thrive and ?urviv? in such a competitive industry it i? ????nti?l t? consistently ??rf?rm at th? t?? of your g?m?.Below i? a list ?f th? ?kill? th?t ?n inv??tm?nt b?nk?r n??d? f?r a ?u?????ful ??r??r.i.  Entr??r?n?uri?lInvestment b?nking i? a bu?in???. Y?u will b?, at some ??int?, a ??l????r??n. And as part ?f ??ur ??m??n?’? ??l?? f?r??, ??ur ?nd g oal i? to earn for ??ur bank. Y?u mu?t und?r?t?nd th?t th? r?v?nu?? ?f ???h tr?n???ti?n mu?t be ?lw??? gr??t?r th?n th? ???t?. It d???n’t m?tt?r if th? firm i? in th? fin?n?? indu?tr? ?r not.What i? im??rt?nt is you will get a ??n?? ?f ??hi?ving the primary ?bj??tiv? of bu?in??? â€" profit.ii.  R?l?ti?n?hi? BuildingDon’t ?x???t you ??n sell ??ur firm’? services without th? n??d f?r good customer r?l?ti?n?hi??. Aft?r ?ll, your counterparties ?r? human t??. Hum?n? are ???i?l in nature.Fr?m tim? t? time, ??u g?t to meet investors ?r inv??tm?nt bankers ?lik?. Building healthy r?l?ti?n?hi?? with them, even ??u ?till h?v? n? bu?in??? with th?m, ??uld ?r?v? b?n?fi?i?l in th? futur?.iii.  Int?ll??tu?lAn int?ll??tu?l ????bilit? i? without a doubt ?n? ?f th? most ??ught skills f?r investment bankers.It ignit?? thinking out-of-box â€" a very mu?h n??d?d ?kill when looking f?r un???n ????rtuniti??.iv.  Gl?b?l Outl??kTh?r? are ?nl? a h?ndful ?f r?ug? ??untri?? nowadays. Chances ?r? you wil l b? employed b? a multinational firm. You will be ?x????d t? a l?t ?f tr?n???ti?n? th?t ?r? d?n? ?n a global scale. Y?u might ?l?? meet ?th?r ?r?f???i?n?l? fr?m foreign l?nd?.N?v?rth?l???, ?v?n if ?m?l???d b? a l???l firm, it’? in?vit?bl? th?t ??u will b? ?x????d t? global transactions ?? w?ll. Besides, ?ll ??untri?? ?r? connected ?n? way ?r ?n?th?r.v.  An?l?ti??lIn ?n investment b?nking job, ??u will b? ??k?d a l?t of ??m?li??t?d ?u??ti?n?. T? ?n?w?r th??? questions, ??u need to see ?v?r? angle ?f the ???n?ri?.Not all ????l? ??n ????m?li?h thi?.Wh??B???u?? n?t ?v?r??n? h?? ?n?ugh ?n?l?ti??l ?kill?.Analytical skills ?r? ?ru?i?l t? br??k down clients’ ?r?bl?m? ?r ?r??ting diff?r?nt fin?n?i?l m?d?l?.vi.  Presentation Skill?A? ?n inv??tm?nt b?nk?r, d?n’t ?x???t your j?b will ?nd with th? finalization of th? fin?n?i?l model. Y?u will ?till h?v? to present it t? ?li?nt? ?r ??ur t??m.Th? tri?ki??t part ?f being a ?r???nt?r i? th? fact th?t ??u ?r? g?ing t? f??? a l?t ?f different ? ???l?.vii.  C?mmuni??ti?n Skill?C?mmuni??ti?n ?kill? ?r? ?l???l? r?l?t?d t? ?r???nt?ti?n ?kill?. Usually, if you have g??d ??mmuni??ti?n ?kill?, it translates to ?x??ll?nt presentation skills. Learning t? ??mmuni??t? t? ?r?f???i?n?l? i? v?r? specialized one.It’? v?r? different when you’re talking t? ??ur friends or ??ur family. Talking with ??ll??gu?? requires a w?rm but ?r?f???i?n?l ???r???h.viii.  N?tw?rkingThere are a lot of ????l? ??u’ll m??t in ??ur ??r??r. M??t of them can give ??u h?l? ?n? w?? ?r ?n?th?r in th? futur?. It’s good if you’ll ???umul?t? r?l?ti?n?hi??, ?nd in?r???ing the li?t thr?ugh networking.ix.  CreativityIn the r??l ??r??r?t? world, you w?uldn’t b? given r??d?-m?d? data for solving financial ?r?bl?m?. At tim??, ??u w?n’t ?v?n kn?w that th?r?’? a problem! B?ing ?r??tiv? lets ??u ??? the ?itu?ti?n in a bigger perspective.You will see ?ngl?? ?th?r? w?n’t. You’ll b? m?r? v?lu?d b? ??ur ??m??n? if ??u ??n ??r??iv? ?r?bl?m? ?r ??luti?n? average b?nk?r? ??n’t.x.  M?th Skill?No d?ubt ??u need math skills. A? ?n investment banker, you’ll b? d??ling with a lot ?f numb?r?. Y?u b?tt?r ?lw??? be r??d? your m?th skills.xi.  A???unting SkillsA???unting ?kill? ?r? n??d?d ?????i?ll? wh?n ??u ?r? int?r?r?ting fin?n?i?l statements. It will ?l?? prove u??ful if you will b? ?r??ting ?dju?tm?nt? ?n th? FS?, in preparation f?r ??ur fin?n?i?l m?d?l?.xii.  Bluffing Skill?Y?u will ?n??unt?r a l?t of individu?l? who are t?? g??d at t?king ?dv?nt?g? ?f th?ir kn?wl?dg? ?f psychology. During a m??ting, th?? will tr? t? m?k? you b?h?v? or answer th? way th?? w?nt?d ??u t?.Bluffing ??n h?l? ??u shield ??ur??lf fr?m th??? t???? ?f ????l?. If f?r ?x?m?l?, ??u don’t know the right way t? r???t, bluffing will make th?m gu??? what ??u are thinking. Bluffing will giv? ??u more time t? think.xiii.  N?g?ti?ti?n ?kill?Y?u w?uldn’t like to ju?t ?????t ?v?r?b?d?’? terms. Y?u might ?nd u? in a situation wh?r?in ??ur ???t? are f?r gr??t?r th?n ??ur ?x ???t?d b?n?fit?. Wh?t’? worse i? wh?n it will giv? your ??m??n? n?g?tiv? value r?th?r th?n ???itiv? ?n??.P?? ?nd H?ur?On ?n absolute b??i?, investment b?nk?r? ?r? some ?f the high??t ??id ?r?f???i?n?l? f?r their ?g?.   A? a n?w hir?, you ??n expect t? ??rn ?v?r $100,000 ?tr?ight ?ut of ??h??l, which will probably bl?w m??t ?f ??ur ?l???m?t?? ?ut ?f the water.But th? inv??tm?nt b?nk?r ??l?r? on ?n hourly basis i? ?n?th?r ?t?r?.On a ??r hour b??i?, inv??tm?nt b?nk?r? ?r? n?t ??id nearly ?? w?ll.   With most analysts and ?????i?t?, their h?url? wages ??n r?ng? ?n?wh?r? between $25 $35 per h?ur.This money d??? not g?t ??id without l?t? ?f h?ur? ?nd lots of w?rk. An??n? wh? is n?t ????bl? ?r comfortable working w??k? th?t frequently run in ?x???? ?f 80 hours ?h?uld ?r?b?bl? look ?l??wh?r? f?r a ??r??r.S?m? b?nk? ?v?n f??tur? r??m? with bunk?; th??? are f?r inv??tm?nt b?nk?r? who find th?m??lv?? at th? ?ffi?? at midnight ?r l?t?r but r??liz? th?? ?till need to b? at th?ir d??k? prior t ? th? n?xt mornings ???ning b?ll.Certain inv??tm?nt b?nk? h?v? tried t? im?r?v? w?rk-lif? b?l?n?? ?? part ?f a cultural ?v?rh?ul th?? h??? can r?h?bilit?t? th? indu?tr?? image in the wake ?f th? 2008 financial crisis.H?w?v?r, th? d?? wh?n investment b?nking i? a M?nd??-t?-Frid??, nine-to-five ??r??r i? a l?ng w?? away, if it ?v?r ??m??.Merchant BankersWith a l?rg? amount ?f public fund? b?ing invested in ??uit? in the ???it?l m?rk?t?, m?r?h?nt b?nking h?? gained ???ul?rit? as a m??n? ?f bridging th? g?? between w??lth? inv??t?r? ?nd corporates th?t ?r? looking f?r funding to m??t their business n??d? lik? ?x??n?i?n, div?r?ifi??ti?n ?r ??tting up a new ?nt?r?ri??.A m?r?h?nt banker has ????i?liz?d ?kill? in m?bilizing fund? from private inv??t?r?, ?nd ??n h?l? b?th l?rg? ??r??r?ti?n? ?nd SME? ?????? fund? for ?n?uring b?tt?r utiliz?ti?n ?f financial r???ur???.H?w m?r?h?nt banks w?rk (Ex?m?l?):Like investment b?nk?, m?r?h?nt banks ?r? n?t d????it?r?/r?t?il l?nd?r in?tituti?n?.Rather, m erchant banks are int?rm?di?ri?? that provide br?k?r?g?, fund-r?i?ing, ?nd financial ?dvi??r? ??rvi??? ?n a large ???l? t? businesses and a smaller scale t? w??lth? individu?l?. For this r????n, th?? often assist in international tr?n???ti?n? inv?lving entities ?u?h ?? multin?ti?n?l ??r??r?ti?n?.T? illu?tr?t? th? r?l? of a merchant bank, ?u????? a multin?ti?n?l ??r??r?ti?n XYZ i? considering the purchase of a ?m?ll?r ??m??n? in another ??untr?.Company XYZ will likely solicit th? services ?f a merchant b?nk for ?dvi?? ?n h?w t? b??t ???r???h th? ???ui?iti?n ?r?????. In ?dditi?n, th? m?r?h?nt b?nk m?? ?l?? assist in th? financing of th? ???ui?iti?n, ?r?viding und?rwriting or l??n ??rvi???.Wh?t i? the r?l? ?f a m?r?h?nt b?nk?r?A m?r?h?nt b?nk?r u?u?ll? refers to a firm or ?rg?niz?ti?n inv?lv?d in ?ll ?????t? of i??u? m?n?g?m?nt. Th?ir services in?lud? ?r?viding ??n?ult?n?? ?r ?dvi??r? services to corporates for i??u? m?n?g?m?nt, m?king arrangements for bu?ing, selling ?r subscribing to ?h?r?? in an i??u? or ?n? ?th?r ??n?ult?n?? ?r ??rvi??? ?u?h as underwriting, ?n?l??i? and ?dvi?? related to mergers and ???ui?iti?n?, ?rr?nging offshore funding or venture ???it?l, credit ??ndi??ti?n ?nd ??rtf?li? m?n?g?m?nt.M?r?h?nt b?nking firm? ??rr? out a r?ng? ?f activities th?t help enterprises m?biliz? fund? from th? capital markets.   These ??rvi??? in?lud? ?r???ring ?r?j??t r???rt?, ?dvi?ing ?n th? b??t suitable fin?n?ing structure, id?ntifi??ti?n of ??ur??? f?r buying ?r selling shares ?nd negotiating with banks and fin?n?i?l institutions with r?g?rd t? a project’s vi?bilit? thr?ugh detailed ?n?l??i? ?f the financial, t??hni??l, marketing ?nd ??mm?r?i?l vi?bilit? ?f th? ?nt?r?ri??.In addition, m?r?h?nt b?nk?r? und?rt?k? und?rwriting ??rvi??? f?r ?n i??u?, including r?gi?tr?ti?n ?f the offer document, handling m?rk?ting and publicity f?r the i??u?, ?r?viding underwriting ?u???rt and li?ting ?n the stock exchanges.Th?? ?l?? take care ?f all f?rm?liti?? ?u?h ?? filling u? applications ?nd getting ???r?v?l? fr?m the Government, regulatory b?di?? ?r financial in?tituti?n?.Categories ?f M?r?h?nt B?nk?r?Th? f?ll?wing ?r? the ??t?g?ri?? of merchant bankers:C?t?g?r? I â€" ??n ??rr? ?n ?ll ??tiviti?? relating t? management of i??u?? ?u?h as preparation ?f ?r?????tu?, determining financial ?tru?tur?, ??ndu?t ?f m?rk?t ?urv???, raising fund? fr?m ???it?l market, r?i?ing ?f funds thr?ugh n?w in?trum?nt?, ?rr?nging b?ught ?ut deals ?nd t? ?r?vid? ?dvi?? ?n: m?rg?r? ?nd ?m?lg?m?ti?n?, l??n ??ndi??ti?n, t??hn?l?g? ti?-u??, w?rking capital finance, v?ntur? ???it?l, l???? fin?n??, fixed deposit management, factoring, portfolio m?n?g?m?nt ?f mutu?l funds, r?h?bilit?ti?n ?f sick unit? ?t?.C?t?g?r? II â€" to act as ?dvi??r, ??n?ult?nt, co-manager, und?rwrit?r ?nd ??rtf?li? m?n?g?r.C?t?g?r? III â€" t? act ?? und?rwrit?r, ?dvi??r ?nd ??n?ult?nt t? an issue.Category IV â€" t? ??t ?nl? ?? ?dvi??r ?r consultant t? ?n i??u?.SalaryA???rding t? th? U.S. Bureau ?f Labor St?ti ?ti?? (BLS), th? ?v?r?g? salary f?r m?r?h?nt b?nk?r? was $69,680 ??r ???r ?? of M?? 2008. Th? average salary in today’s world i? not ?? distant from that.Top inv??tm?nt bankers ?l?? r???iv? significant bonuses each ???r, many ?f whi?h are ?ub?t?nti?ll? high?r th?n th?ir ?nnu?l ??l?r?.C?nn??ti?ut-b???d b?nk?r? ?nj?? the high??t w?g?? in th? U.S. with an ?v?r?g? ??l?r? of $157,640. M?r?h?nt bankers in New York ??rn an ?v?r?g? ?f $129,620, f?ll?w?d b? Washington D.C. ?t $111,730.WH?T ?KILL? D? B?NK?R? N??D?H?r? are f?ur im??rt?nt ?kill? ?nd tr?it? th?t ?m?l???r? l??k f?r in a ?r?????tiv? employee. These qualities ?r?n’t ju?t a career-hatching ????t â€" they’ll ?l?? ?n?ur? ??ur ??ntinu?d success as a new ?r?f???i?n?l.An?l?ti??l ?kill?An?l??ing ?r?bl?m? and thinking logically for th? gr?wth ?f the b?nk ?nd ?rg?niz?ti?n i? ?b??lut?l? n??????r? for th? b?nk job. Th? b?nking indu?tr? is ?rim?ril? ??n??rn?d with ri?k m?n?g?m?nt.Su?????ful b?nking professionals excel ?t m?n?ging ri?k ?r ??i??l? b???u?? of th?ir analytical skills. Banking r??uir?? in?r?dibl? strong l?t?r?l ?nd analytical thinking. Lik? ??n?ult?nt?, banking ?r?f???i?n?l? ?r? v?lu?d f?r th? ?bilit? t? think ?ut?id? th? b?x, ??lv? ?r?bl?m?, ?nd predict ?nd ?v?rt ?r?bl?m? that have not yet m?t?ri?liz?d.To this ?nd, b?nking r??uir?? n?t only ?n ?bilit? t? r?m?in incredibly ?h?r?, but l??rn ?ui?kl? ?nd gr??? n?w concepts with ????. Thi? l?v?l of ?n?l?ti??l ?kill? n?tur?ll? lends itself t? intellectual curiosity ?? well ?? inn?v?ti?n.Th? m??t successful b?nking ?n?l??t? n?t ?nl? ??m?l?t? th?ir ?wn work ?bj??tiv??, but ?l?? take a br??d interest in the w?rk ?f their colleagues, and h?w diff?r?nt w?rk loads ??ntribut? under an umbr?ll? project.Successful ?r?f???i?n?l? in the banking ???t?r f?rv?ntl? ??k questions n?t ?nl? as a means t? d?m?n?tr?t? nu?n??d ???r???h t? work ?bj??tiv?? and unwillingness to ?ut ??rn?r?, but ?l?? to id?ntif? n?w methods ?nd ?ffi?i?n?i?? th?t ?tr??mlin? ?r???????.F??u?Su????ding i n banking means ?r?di?ting ?m?rging ?h?ng?? ?nd ?nvi?i?ning solutions. Thi? ?kill i? useful in ?n? industry, ?nd ??rti?ul?rl? in th? fi?ld of b?nking. Y?u’ll n??d t? b? ?w?r? ?f h?w the b?nking indu?tr? is changing, but it’? equally im??rt?nt to be f?mili?r with h?w ?m?rging indu?tri?? will influ?n?? the w?rld of b?nking.T??hn?l?gi??l ?dv?n??m?nt? in the ???t d???d? h?v? r?v?luti?niz?d both investment ?nd r?t?il b?nking. Th? ri?? ?f internet ?nd m?bil? b?nking has ?ll?w?d ?u?t?m?r? t? d? th?ir b?nking ?t h?m? or on-the-go â€" with?ut h?ving ?t?? into th?ir b?nk branch.Keeping up in thi? environment means that ?u?????ful b?nking ?r?f???i?n?l? are technologically ??vv?, ?nd in-tun? with ?m?rging t??hn?l?gi??l ?dv?n??m?nt? th?t can ?h??? banking. A b?nk ??n ?nl? implement th? l?t??t t??hn?l?g? with strong-in h?u?? ?x??rti??, ?nd t??hn?l?g?-lit?r?t? staff ?r? a big ??rt ?f th?t ?r?gr???.For b?nking ?nd ?th?r financial professionals, th? ability t? hold a gl?b?l ?utl??k is im??r?tiv? t? ?u?????. The b??t in th? b?nking indu?tr? ?r? l??king ?h??d to an in?r???ingl? gl?b?liz?d futur?, and ?r? ?r???ring f?r it in diverse w??? â€" building l?ngu?g? ??m??t?n?i??, int?rn?ti?n?l work ?x??ri?n?? and m?r?.Indu?tr? kn?wl?dg?Banking r??uir?? a high l?v?l of finance and indu?tr? kn?wl?dg?.Banking h?? ?v?lv?d over the years and n?w ?ff?r? a wid? r?ng? of products and ??rvi???, fr?m ?im?l? ?n?? to elaborate ?nd ??m?l?x ones.Successful b?nking ?r?f???i?n?l? will n??d to b? intimately f?mili?r with the r?gul?ti?n? th?t g?v?rn banking.Moreover, ???iring individu?l? ?h?uld not limit th?ir kn?wl?dg? b??? t? th? banking industry. Ju?t ?? banking i? vit?l t? the economy, ?? t?? i? th? ???n?m? vit?l t? b?nking.A??iring b?nking ?r?f???i?n?l? ?h?uld build th?ir kn?wl?dg? base in all aspects r?l?t?d t? b?nking, banking r?gul?ti?n, fin?n?? ?nd the economy.As m?nti?n?d, th? b?nking ???t?m continues to evolve, whi?h means banking regulations d? ?? w?ll. B?nking ?r?f???i?n?l? are expected not ?nl? t? h?v? a ??und knowledge b???, but being ??n?t?ntl? ?w?r? ?f new ?h?ng?? within the indu?tr?, ?? w?ll ?? th? regulations.ResilienceY?u ?h?uld ?h?w the ability to stay at one b?nking job for a l?ng tim?, d???it? the high-pressure ?nvir?nm?nt ?f th? bu?in???.Central t? success in ?n? banking ???iti?n is resilience wh?n w?rking independently, ?nd ?????i?ll? navigating high ?r???ur?? wh?n w?rking collaboratively.Su?????ful b?nking ?r?f???i?n?l? are n?t?bl? resilient in their ?bilit? t? w?rk independently in high-pressure ?nvir?nm?nt? th?t h?v? d?m?nding ?bj??tiv??, ?tring?nt ?nd ?h?nging deadlines and a v?ri?t? of n?w inf?rm?ti?n ?????ring ?t a moment’s n?ti??.Furth?rm?r?, the work ?f banking professionals i? certainly n?t ind???nd?nt. A? ??u build ??ur b?nking career, ??u’ll n??d t? b? ?bl? to w?rk w?ll in team environments where ?th?r? ?r? striving t? support ??u and d?liv?r quality r??ult? in a timely f??hi?n.That m??n? b?ing ?r?f???i?n?l and diplomatic â€" wh?n it real ly ??unt?.L??d?r?hi? ?nd t??m managementL??d?r?hi? and team m?n?g?m?nt are all about being able to direct a team to d? th? b??t that it ??n do. In m?n? w??? l??d?r?hi? i? ?imil?r t? t??mw?rk, ?lth?ugh it also involves taking responsibility for your t??m and maintaining your influ?n??.If asked ?b?ut leadership experience during an int?rvi?w or in ?n ???li??ti?n f?rm, choose ??m?thing th?t was ?u?????ful and wh?r? ??ur ??ti?n? and leadership h?d a dir??t im???t on the ?ut??m?.F?r this reason, it w?uld b? wi?? to choose an ?x?m?l? th?t wasn’t ?ll ?l?in-??iling, but still r??ult?d in ?u????? du? to ??ur input.An example ?f thi? ??uld b? if ??m??n? b???m? ill leading up t? a group project assessment d??dlin? at univ?r?it?, ?nd you took ?n the r????n?ibilit? ?f redistributing th?ir w?rk l??d b?tw??n th? ?th?r members of your gr?u?.Th?r?f?r?, the deadline w?? m?t t? th? best of ??ur gr?u?’? ability, with ???h member ?till ??mf?rt?bl? with their individu?l w?rkl??d.FINAL THOUGHTSOUR liv es ?r? d???nd?nt ?n th? banking ???t?r in ?n? w?? or th? other, directly ?r indir??tl?. It i? the lif?bl??d ?f th? ???n?m?. An?thing whi?h impacts th? b?nking ???t?m will ?ff??t ?ll sectors ?nd regions of the ???n?m?.Thus, ?? a ??t?nti?l ?m?l???? ?f th? banking system, ??u are ??i??d t? t?k? up big r????n?ibiliti??, not only t?w?rd? the in?tituti?n f?r whi?h you will be w?rking but also t?w?rd? th? ?ntir? society.Th? skills outline in this ?rti?l? will ensure th?t you ?r? a ?r?du?tiv? r???ur?? fr?m d?? ?n?, ?nd ?n? b?nk will ?r?f?r ?n employee who kn?w? the job and ??n b? giv?n assignments fr?m th? very d?? they j?in.S?, inv??t ??ur time ?nd ?n?rg? in l??rning ?nd ?r???ring f?r a b?nking j?b ?? that n?t only you g?t th? j?b, but ??u are ?bl? t? gr?w and prosper in it.

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Thesis Statement For Internet Addiction - 860 Words

Internet Addiction I. Speech Overview: A. General Goal: To inform. B. Specific Goal: By the end of speech, my audience will understand what Internet Addiction is, how many people are affected, and the symptoms. II. Introduction: A. Attention Grabber: Is Internet Addiction a new mental health disorder? B. Relevance Statement: Most teens nowadays use the Internet; the usage varies according to each person, but I know that everyone in here is familiar with it. C. Credibility Statement: You should care about this matter because it is good to be aware of things that may affect you. As someone who is online on daily basis, I can accurately describe Internet Addiction. I did around {blank}hours of research for this topic. D. Central Idea:†¦show more content†¦1. According to Anson Alexander who has a Bachelor of Science in international business and information systems, an infographic that provides statistics related to Internet addiction was published in 2012 and1 out of every 8 Americans experiences signs of internet addiction. The infographic found that in a small study, 82% of people were found to spend more time online than expected (Alexander, B.Sc.). 2. In 2015, a survey by the Bureau of Labor, calculated what everyone 15 and older does on a regular basis. On an average day, more than half of them spent around 3 hours watching TV. Individuals age 75 and over spent more of their time watching TV, reading, and relaxing than individuals ages 15 to 19. Americans spend over an hour more per day online than doing other activities (â€Å"American Time Use Survey†). Transition 3: Now that I have informed you about how many people are affected, I will tell you about some of the indications. C. People who are frequent users of technology, aren’t mindful of possible symptoms that can hint that they could be addicted. 1. Meeting the any of the five symptoms which include always thinking about what your missing online, feeling uneasy when you offline, lying to family and friends to hide how much time you spend on the Internet, lacking control on how much time you spend on the Internet, putting your relationships and education on hold to spend more time online, and going online to escape reality and problems, could be signsShow MoreRelatedDrug Addiction and Drugs1219 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs Addiction Miami Beach Senior High Ashley Gonzalez Ms. Cooper/Mr.Sussman English II-Period Three 06 March 2013 Drugs Addiction Topic and Thesis Statement Miami Beach Senior High Topic: Drugs Thesis Statement: In an examination of drugs I will discuss causes of this disease/or social dilemma. I will also discuss the effect of drugs on individuals, families and society. Read MoreWe Must End Our Addiction Social Networking1013 Words   |  5 PagesHEADER Title: We must end our addiction to social networking. General purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that actions need to be taken to stop the addiction to social networking. Thesis Statement: Being too addicted to social networking can cause some serious problems, so it is necessary to stop it. Main Points: â…  .Addiction to social networking has caused serious problems. A. Addiction to social networking leads toRead MoreAn Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Computer Games or Online Gaming†612 Words   |  3 Pagescompete. Computer and online games , in most instances are no more dangerous than other games that people plays. But sometimes computer and online games become more than just play. They become an addiction and when they become in addiction teenagers psychological and physical well being may be in danger. Addiction to computer and online games is a real and growing problem. It affects both kids and adults specially teenagers. Often the most addictive games are the online multi-player game they includeRead MoreEffects of Modern Technology to Learning Habits of the Students1471 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst, to express their gratitude to our English 2 Professor in second semester, MS. Rhona Theresa S. Sambrano for her continuous support to our thesis study and related research. Her Guidance helped us in all the time of our research and writing of this thesis. We could not have imagined having a very kind English professor that helped us to finish this thesis study. Besides of our Professor, We would like to thank our parents for their help and for their moral support to us during the process ofRead More Secondhand Smoke Essay530 Words   |  3 Pages Thesis: Smokers usually move through five stages to quit smoking, and non-smokers have to help them constantly and carefully. Credibility Statement: In high school health class, we have been taught about how smoking cigarettes affects our body. But my school had a different program compared to other schools. There was study session only for cigarette smokers. I took the session for a semester and learned a lot more than I used to know about smoking cigarettes. Also I have helped my friends to quitRead MorePersuasive Speech : Medical Marijuana1467 Words   |  6 Pagesamount of swelling and pain in my joints. With the success of the product I continued with further research to identify the positive effects that marijuana provides. My sister also uses marijuana to help her pain and it has been successful. C. Thesis statement: I encourage you to enter a marijuana dispensary and inform yourself of how marijuana can be a better choice for pain relief than prescription medication. D. (Transition): Medical marijuana is still not considered a viable drug by everyoneRead MoreAddiction to Social Networking Sites2884 Words   |  12 Pagespresents the Background of the Study, the Statement of the Problem, the Significance of the Study and its Scope and Delimitation. Background of the Study Every person has his or her own habitual activities. But sometimes, without them noticing, the usual habits become addictions. Addiction is any activity continuously done by an individual without control. An addict or a person addicted to something will not end his day without satisfying his addiction. They will do whatever it takes to satisfyRead MoreThe Effects of Anime Addiction to Students Essay3892 Words   |  16 PagesANIME ADDICTION TO STUDENTS Thesis Statement: There are negative and positive effects that may result from Anime addiction. Introduction Anime is a style of animation in Japan which it can lead into addiction. Nowadays, anime addiction is very rampant especially among students. People with obsessive interest in anime are called otaku. I. Anime II. The negative effects of Anime Addiction to students A. Academic B. Health C. Behavior III. The positive effects of Anime Addiction toRead MoreVideo Games And Its Effects1074 Words   |  5 Pagesenvironment.† (373). A statement such as this can be used to describe how video games can moreover be used to relieve stress and/or distance an undesirable situation for a period of time. It has also been suggested that the home computer has the potential to affect young children s behavior, but no published data currently exist to support this hypothesis. Most children additionally have the knowledge that whatever can be watched on television should also be accessible on the Internet to gain even moreRead MoreImpact of Persuasive Advertisements on Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Health Related Products.1296 Words   |  6 Pages  Ã‚   | RESEARCH PROPOSAL FORMAT |   Ã‚  Ã‚   | Research Title: |    |   Impact of persuasive advertisements on consumer buying behavior towards health related products. | Introduction: |   Ã‚   | This thesis is about the study of consumer buying behavior towards health related product and their perceptions after watching advertisements and then make their decisions whether to purchase the product or not. This will help to find out the most important factors which can affect the buying behavior of the consumer

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My house Free Essays

I live in a small town which called Wborg. Here I live with my family : father, mother, brother and cat. We have been living in block of flats house since 1994. We will write a custom essay sample on My house or any similar topic only for you Order Now Our flat placed on the sixth floor, we have a nice view on the nature from our balcony. On the first floor we have fence with hedge and lawn of ours home ornamented with animals. I live in a standard two room flat without facilities like a gym or sauna in flat. Big wardrobe with mirror staying in the passage where we keep our clothes and shoes. The floor is parquet in the passage, living room and kitchen. In the living room a big Persian rug with near standing sofa-bed with cushions, curtain on the window, huge bookcase with fitted place for tv, folding table from wood standing in the center of room. Hole room in bright and brown colors and curtain in brown color too. In the bedroom I live with my older brother who is living here now. Colors of our room are white, brown and red. We have two sofa-bed with pillows where we are sleeping, wardrobe for me and brother, little chest of drawers, large table where standing two computers with acoustic near 80 kilowatt. The main part of our room is horizontal bar with punching bag. It allows doing sport in a room without gym. The bathroom isn’t separated with toilet but it’s both tiled in bright colors. Ordinary bath with shower standing in the bathroom, washing machine standing there too, washbasin with drawer where we keep thing like shampoo, razor, shaving foam and something for bath. The main difference from kitchen of other people it’s bar. It’s really comfortable to eat for it or sitting in internet. There are a lot of electronic device such as : fridge, ooker, toaster, microwave, food processor, electronic kettle and laptop. We haven’t fitted kitchen and so we have a lot of cupboard and drawers. Big table standing in the center of kitchen where I with my family can have dinner together and share all news with them. Colors of kitchen are silver and blue. Unfortunately it’s better to live in the suburbs but I love to live here. It isn’t far from city center and it close to all my friend. My home is where I feel safe and happy, where I am always welcome and where I can come in any difficult minute and find help and comfort. How to cite My house, Papers

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Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39

The Lausanne Movement includes sessions and forums that are dedicated to different issues and topics related to the question of evangelization. Lausanne Occasional Papers are usually presented as reports on the sessions of Issue Groups. In this context, Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 is a report on the conclusions made after â€Å"the Forum for World Evangelization† that was held in Thailand in 2004, and the theme of the Forum was â€Å"A new vision, a new heart, a renewed call†1.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As it is stated in the foreword to the report, it was important to attract more participants to discuss the problems of building the missional congregations and to focus on advantages of tentmaking while seeking â€Å"new direction from the Holy Spirit for world evangelization†2. From this point, Lausanne O ccasional Paper No. 39 presents the information on missional congregations as well as on tentmaking, and it is important to summarize the main points of the paper and to analyze them in the context of the discussed issue. Summary of the Main Points of Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 The report is divided into two main sections, where the first section discusses the concept of a missional congregation as well as the decisions made during the session regarding the building of missional congregations in the community. The second part of the report presents the opinions on tentmaking. It is stated in the report that the information on missional congregations depends on the previous research in local churches during which the role of missions was examined. Thus, the participants of the Forum â€Å"explored how to involve the local church in the expression of the gospel both in the ‘building up’ of the disciples as well as to those outside the faith community, to the ends o f the earth†3. According to the report, a missional congregation is a community or a church of Christ-followers who â€Å"are sent on a mission†4. The first section offers the complete list of advantages of missional congregations. It is stated in the report that missional congregations contribute to building relations and meeting people’s needs; they can address different cultures and pray for the renewal and benefits of other people without references to the religion or culture; their structures are holistic and the detailed discussion of the leadership in terms of missional congregations is provided. The authors of the report also point at the roles of missional congregations’ representatives as missionaries, disciples, and priests. According to the idea of a missional congregation, each Christian should be a missionary that can promote the principles of evangelism as a priest, while supporting the other people’s culture, addressing their needs, and supporting connections of missional congregations5.Advertising Looking for critical writing on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the second part of the report, the main point for discussion is tentmaking. According to the authors, tentmaking is â€Å"a way in which members of the body of Christ can use their professional gifts as a means of taking the gospel to those who otherwise would not hear the Good News†6. As a result, tentmaking is viewed as an effective approach to make people feel secured in spite of such issues as religious intolerance or violence. Thus, the authors of the report discuss the ways of finding and training tentmakers in detail in their report. Reflections and Ideas on Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 can be discussed as an important source in order to understand the role of modern missionaries in spreading the Word of God and principles of evangelization globally. The comments on who can serve as a missionary and how to cooperate with representatives of other cultures are supported with effective examples, and they sound as rather convincing arguments. It is possible to agree that even young people and women can serve as missionaries because they have the belief in their hearts7. Furthermore, much attention is paid to the discussion of the impact of globalization on the development of missional congregations and on opening more opportunities for missionaries. From this perspective, the meaning of the missional congregation can be viewed with references to the following statement: â€Å"Every local congregation is only a true representative of the body of Christ when they serve the world in mission†8. In addition, focusing on the idea of a missional congregation, it is possible to state that it is a kind of an organizational structure that is necessary for people because such holistic structures as congregation s can be a good choice to provide support for individuals. However, there are statements in the report that can provoke more discussion. Concentrating on the role of missionaries and priests that can be played by each Christian regardless the status and position, the authors of the report note that each missionary is oriented to spreading the principles of evangelism among more persons while â€Å"bringing people to church at least monthly† as a â€Å"minimum responsibility†9. Such limits can be discussed as rather surprising. In this situation, missionaries can be viewed as not only serving and encouraging people but also as involving them in a congregation. Nevertheless, the proposed model of the local church life can be successful, and it is possible to agree with the authors that the modern church should be modified to look like a congregation.Advertising We will write a custom critical writing sample on Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The other important question to focus on is tentmaking. First, it seems that the idea is rather challenging for the society because the previously followed patterns of the church life differed significantly. However, the authors of the report provide rather useful comments on how tentmaking can be realized in the country and globally and what training should be proposed to tentmakers in order to achieve the higher results. Reading the report, it is possible to conclude that tentmaking is a proper choice for modern communities where it is necessary to avoid the religious intolerance, to cope with different cultural conflicts, to prevent prejudice and aggression toward immigrants, and to meet expectations associated with the globalization changes. From this point, it is possible to agree that such approaches as the building of missional congregations and tentmaking can provide people with more happiness, security, and belief i n God’s mercy. Conclusion Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 provides a reader with a lot of opportunities to think about the aspects of missions and tentmaking. Referring to the report, it is possible to discuss the ways of transformation for traditional local churches while focusing on the advantages of missional congregations described in the report in detail. The authors of the report provide reasons to view missional congregations as a new form of uniting people who follow the teachings and principles of evangelism not only in local communities but also globally. Bibliography Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. â€Å"The Local Church in Mission: Becoming a Missional Congregation in the Twenty-First Century Global Context and the Opportunities Offered Through Tentmaking Ministry (Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39)†. Web. Footnotes 1 Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, â€Å"The Local Church in Mission: Becoming a Missional Congregation in the Twenty -First Century Global Context and the Opportunities Offered Through Tentmaking Ministry (Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39)†. 2 Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, â€Å"The Local Church in Mission†, 3.Advertising Looking for critical writing on religion theology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More 3 Ibid., 7. 4 Ibid., 7. 5 Ibid., 10. 6 Ibid., 22. 7 Ibid., 10. 8 Ibid., 8. 9 Ibid., 14. This critical writing on Lausanne Occasional Paper No. 39 was written and submitted by user Phasma to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Essay Sample on Marriage Couples Who Do Not Get Married

Essay Sample on Marriage Couples Who Do Not Get Married Marriage is the practice by which two people who love each other, create their relationship official, public and permanent. It is the amalgamation of two people in a union that putative lasts until passing away do one part. Marriages are prepared in paradise, but we all want to bring paradise on this earth. Marriage plays an incredibly important role in ones life. According to times magazine life is so swift moving that nobody has time to squander with his or her relatives. Being a human being everyone wants a second heart to share their pains. Wedding is ones delusion, which he or she try to fulfill at-least once in their life span. Logically, when a girl attains a comprehensible age she begins to structure a portrait of her wedding day, the environs they belong to and other wedding parties they attend. In spite of all that, most people are reluctant to the occasion thus preferring to stay together. If you are similar to most people, you ride into married life on dominant waves of love and intimacy that crashed sporadically into self-doubt and apprehension, only to ascend again, stronger than ever. In other words, one understood that you wedded for love. Most marriages come with the responsibility f taking care of children. Men consider themselves masculine and stronger, and are not charged with the responsibility to nurse and take care of children, and women are not comfortable with this (Sullivan, 2007, p. 232). That was the straightforward part. Plenty of research shows that wedding with love is more effective at bringing us together than maintaining us together. It has been found out that in most relationshi ps, women often disagree with the demands of the men, (Sullivan, 2007, p 231). We may have heard the aphorism, weddings are easy, it is difficult to maintain relationships, but the truth is that relationships are tough because a wedding is easy. Strong feelings of any manner transmit an illusion of certainty (Seligson, web). With the exception of bitterness, no emotional experience has more illusion of confidence than wedding. The responsibilities and pressures that come with the marriage and family are fewer these days, than in the past, and thus most people choose not to be tied to them (Sullivan, 207, p. 272). The need to feel persuaded is at least part of the grounds why we come to begrudge the people we love the most. The importance of wedding cannot be judged by the manner the society perceive it, but how deeply an individual craves for it. Since marriage is a long-term union involving two people, this ritual is given its owing importance throughout the earth (Cherlin, 53). Contrasting many one-time occasions, wedding does not cover the comfort of the ent ire community but few persons. Those who contain lethargy towards wedding should understand that wedding across the boundaries does aid a lot in creating concord between two different creed and ethnic group. There is a variety of wide religious doctrines concerning wedding, which reflect a lot on its abiding importance. Apart from portraying a pleasant scale for cementing the bonding among two people, the marriages cover up definite social prospect of the populace. While to some wedding is an underpinning of the organization of society, some considers it mutually a physical and spiritual acquaintance that endures into (Davis, web). Though marriage has lost its grips to many people, in the society, most people choose not to wed. The interested have been vested in the common interest of the couple living together but not necessarily getting married. That is according to the article in the times magazine. There is no contraction agreement that can replace the vows that are exchanged between two people. All other monetary support cannot be graced to replace the glory that dwells in a wedding. The round rings are not just symbols of beauty but a reminder of the lifetime commitment a person makes to the partner. Wedding is not a bylaw but an act of willingness. It is a Voluntary commitment of oneself to someone. Wedding is the best cement of any marriage. A wedding is symbolized by signs like the presence of a wedding ring on a couple finger, but most couples are afraid of the commitment that comes with the wedding (Sullivan, 2007, p. 102).